Tuesday, 21 February 2017

The wet brush

I have been a tangle teaser girl since they launched loyal to the core I have one for work and one for home use, the only complaint I have is the fact that when it comes to really thick hair can take a little extra time to make sure all the knots are out as I feel it doesn't get through all the hair.

But recently I found the wet brush and I decided to give it a try my chief tester is my 6 year old daughter who is very fussy about what brush I use as her head is so sensitive, she has only ever let me use the tangle teezer so it was a challenge just to get her to let me use the wet brush, but by the time I had finished brushing her hair she was hooked told me it didn't hurt her at all and that she will only use that brush from now on, and I have to say there were no tears while I was doing her hair which was a first.

 So the next up was my eldest who has really thick hair and it doesn't just knot it seems to matt and stick together it has to be brushed thoroughly and I normally I take it in small sections, literally bit by bit, so I took the same wet brush and began in sections but to my dismay it did not glide through her hair like it did her sister's have to say that disappointed me, but I had feeling this might happen so I had purchased the paddle wet brush a bigger version and viola, it worked I still brushed her hair in sections as its become habit for the last 10 years but I have noticed in the last few weeks that I can brush her hair in 3 sections instead of little bit by little bit its great, I use the bigger brush on hair I tried both and I find it works better on my hair than the smaller version I love it,

I have to say it has made my mornings so much easier and I would be lost without it I cant recommend these brushes enough.

Available from selected salons,
And Online.

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