Thursday, 7 January 2016


So I'm on the hunt for the perfect red lipstick, not a bright red a deep red almost wine in color,only problem in trying to find the right shade is the deeper the red/wine I go it becomes a plum/purple color, so I had to try and test loads but its not easy when you have your mind made up on a certain color, so I had to expand my boundaries so to speak, and start looking for the perfect long lasting non drying lipstick and as deep red as possible, so here is what I found loved and liked.

So far the maybellene 975, the sleek matte 791 and the nyx hvls16, the maybellene 975 is long lasting and didn't dry out, the sleek matte 791 was nice long lasting but a little bit drying, and the nyx hvls 16 was a moisturizing lipstick didn't dry out but didn't last as long as the others, the inglot 175 is a lovely color and wears really well but I would prefer it in a matte, which you can't get at the moment and finally the nyx hvls 09 is a deep purple and wears the same as the other nyx. 
These are my 5 top picks and now that its coming into spring, it's nearly time to ditch the deep lipsticks and get out the bright and beautiful shades, but I feel that the a red lip is a classic statement the will never go out of style, so perfect your shade and please feel free to share your favourites with me.

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