Saturday, 30 January 2016

Shade adjusting drops

We all know the now hard it can be to match our foundation perfectly or when wearing false tan our foundation doesn't match, and we only realise it when looking back at infamous photos of our night out and a white face looks back at you like it's on the wrong body, well I found this little gem that solves all that from the body shop its the darkening shade adjusting drops, and they are amazing 1 drop darkens your foundation by half a shade so you can adjust to your perfect shade its that simple, they also do a lightening drops that lighten up your foundation if it's to dark, so its win win either way, I love this product and it has earned a permanent place in my makeup bag.

The shade adjusting drops are priced at €17.00 from the body shop nationwide and online 

Give them ago you won't be disappointed

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