Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Saturated color

I have seen this brand about on social media and decided to take the plunge and give them ago, and I am so glad I did I have fallen in love with these products.

I ordered the essential lip set, the set contains 1 locked lips, 1 lip scrub, and 1 color switch, and was £14 which is roughly €18
I also ordered the volumetric lust mascara which came with a free full size lipstick in the shade birthday suit, which was £9 Which is roughly €12 and I ordered a double ended lip brush which is £5.50 which is roughly €7.50.

The locked lips is amazing just apply a small light layer to the lips, and voila lipstick is sealed for the night.

The lip scrub stick is so is easy to use and no mess just apply desired amount and work into your lips, then remove with a damp cotton pad.

And my favourite product is the color switch lipstick, apply before your lipstick and it changes the color to a brighter lighter color perfect for creating the perfect ombre lips, and the lip brush is brilliant one end is for applying your lipstick the other for lining and definition, it is lightweight and really easy to use.

The color switch is a white lipstick that you apply before your lip color of choice perfect for the perfect ombre lip.

My ombre lip created by using nude pink and color switch and sealed with the locked lips.

My top 2 are birthday suit and naked pink 

I really liked the volumetric lust mascara it gave me big bold lashes and the brush was easy to work, with it separated all my lashes and didn't dry out or go flakey through out the night,

All in all I love this brand and I would recommend to everyone and it is so affordable and one of my favourite new go to brands for fabulous lips.

They have just launched a new product called make me matte it's a top coat that will make not just there brand but any lipstick matte I can not wait to try this and its only £8 which is roughly €11 that amazing value.

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