Friday, 26 February 2016

Inglot freedom system flexi palette

I bought this a few week ago and love it, it is definitely one of my best buys.

Its the Inglot freedom system flexi palette and its amazing, it's a completely empty palette with no restrictions, you can mix and match to your hearts content, I have it stuffed with my everyday favourites.

I love how its so easy to chop and change what you put into it, I have a different makeup routine and products for winter and summer,
so this pallette makes it so easy to accommodate that I can just remove and replace what I need to when I need to.

No searching for different pallete's to create the look you want, I have a couple of different palette's all in one it's so simple and easy.

And lets face it anything that can make life easier is a winner in my books, and to be honest I'm going to buy another one and fill it with my night time makeup, I will have a freedom palette for every occasion.

You won't regret purchasing the flexi palette,
they are priced at €22.00 and can be bought in store or online @

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