Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Magic Root Retouch

Sorry I have been away for a little I have been unwell, I'm back with a new product to review, I found I have been reviewing a lot of makeup lately so decided to go back to the hair side of things for a change.

So I found the new l'Oreal Magic Root Retouch the instant root concealer spray, and decided to give it a try, been a hairdresser I have used tons of different products in salons for clients to help cover and conceal those nasty grey's in between color appointments, or if a client has an event and needs to wait prolong the her color application but needs to hide those pesky roots what do we do to help, well we have try the usual suspects water rinses, color mousse, cover sticks, among many others.

Problem is water rinse's can be very translucent on the hair but people like them in salon but not really for home use, but for home use what is quick and easy, well the cover sticks are really good great coverage easy to apply its basically a lippy for your hair, but it's wax based so I find it leaves my hair looking greasy even when freshly wash and styled. but clients ask what can I recommend for at home use as well? I have found the answer and it is all here.

Ok so I have tried the the new l'Oreal Magic Root Retouch and it comes in a range of shades I really like it, you wash, dry and style your hair and normal shake well of course, hold the can 10 cm from you hair and spray but dont over spray your hair a little goes along way and it dries in 10 seconds and voila, of you go it lasts til you wash it out, I love this product its a life saver in a can and I don't know how my hair and survived without it for so long.


In my opinion the Magic Root Retouch is a god send you just spray and done and is my new go to product in between color applications.

The l'Oreal Magic Root Retouch is available from all major stockist its currently on special for €3.99 but RRP is €12.99.

Let me know if you have used this and what you think or what is your favorite root cover up in between color applications.

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