Monday, 2 May 2016

Leave in conditioner

With summer coming it is time to pay special attention to our hair girl's, prevention is better than cure, throw in a holiday here some hair color and highlights there and not to mention the heat styling to, we need to be using something to help protect our hair from it all and have some budget friendly products that can help.

my first is an oldie but a goodie I absolutely love these 2 little products from HASK it's the Argan oil and the Keratin protein oil, I love these oils I use them in my hair wet for help with frizz, heat styling protection and then dry to keep my hair smooth, I use them all the time no matter what other products I'm putting in my hair one if not both of these go in my hair when wet and a little bit of argan oil when dry to help control the frizz I adore this product and have been using them for years I would highly recommend them, (TIP when using any product oil or wax based products on your hair place in the palm of your hand and rub together to warm up to room temperature then apply to your hair it activates the product and created even distribution) you can pick them up in most chemist's and all Penny's nationwide.
I have 2 leave in conditioners that I love to use the first is my GARNIER Ultimate Blends, heat protection milk, I love this product it smells amazing it not only detangles and conditions but it protects the hair up to 230 Degree's heat styling but with out that that stiff or sticky feeling which some heat protection spray's can leave behind, you can get it in boots at only €7.29 its a great buy and again a little goes a long way.
My next leave in conditioner is my hair saviour it's Revlon Uniq One leave in conditioner this is my one and only have to have can't live without leave in conditioner, it has 10 benefits, its repairs dry and damaged hair, provides frizz control, provides color protection with UVA & UVB filters,to name just a few I can't brush my hair without this product its amazing, two or three spray's is all it takes and I'm sorted til my next wash, this is my no.1 go to highly recommend I normally pick mine up in capital hair and beauty supply in park west the 150ml bottle ex.Vat is €8.95, but it's available in all Revlon salon's stockist nationwide and worth the investment.

Both of these leave my hair feeling soft nourished and help keeps the tangles at bay they are are top beauty buy in my book let me know what you think or what you favourites are.

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