Friday, 13 May 2016

Salon coloring

This might seem like a boring post but recently after experincing a salon not doing it correctly, I feel it's important for you all to know why salons do patch tests.

So the story is I decided to treat myself to a color cut and blowdry and went to a salon near me to have a patch test as is common practice, the girls were very nice and asked me to have a seat and someone would be with me shortly which I did I know how busy they can be, I was waiting for about 10 minutes and was watching what was going on around me, a stylist who had been doing highlights approched my with some left over color and proceeded to do the patch test and told me to wait 48 hours, if no reaction occurred I could come back and have my color done no problem.

Only there is a problem as I am a hairdresser I knew what she was doing was wrong and here is why, first thing she didnt take any of my details so no record of me having had a patch test, then she used a color that was left over which is wrong, so it could give a false outcome, when a salon patch test's it for health and safety reason's your safety as an allergic reaction is not pleasent and in extreme circumstances can lead to hospitalisation, so I decided inform as knowledge is power.

Don't be afraid to ask the stylist to explain what they are doing,try and avoid having your color done if you have had a tattoo or henna  within the same ten day period as this can cause a false reaction, as tattoo's and henna have p.p.d.(p.p.d. is a chemical found in hair color, tattoo's and henna among other thing and thats what causes the reaction) having both done within ten days can cause a p.p.d overload causing a false reaction, a patch test should be applied to clean dry skin either behind the ear or in the inner crease of arm, only the hair color should be applied and not a mix of the color and developer together, it should be left for 45 minutes and then rinsed and pat dry and watch for a reaction, make sure the salon takes your details either by client card or computer so they have a record of your patch test, and most importantly return to the salon after the 24hr period and show the salon/stylist the results so they can also be added to and your record can be updated.

Please dont risk your safety make sure your salon know what they are doing always get patch tested insist on one when visiting a new salon.

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