Friday, 12 August 2016

Nkd pre shower tan

We all like to be a golden goddess when it comes to fake tan and I have had my fair share of tanning disasters like most of us which I think is fair to say, once I got a spray tan for wedding and I turned into an umpa lumpa I was bright orange and to top it off I then took an allergic reaction, I started blistering across my back and chest it wasn't pretty and there is photographs to prove it, I can laugh now but my skin was raw from trying to scrub that tan off and that was he morning of the wedding so when it comes to tan now I'm so careful about what I use and I always patch test it first.

I decided to try a new tan the nkd pre shower tan, as usual I shaved/waxed exfoliated and moisturised etc... 
I then followed the instructions and applied the tan using the palm of my hand to rubbed it in to my skin in circular motion, I then set my timer for ten minutes and waited, I have to admit it was the longest ten minutes of my life once the timer went of I jumped into the shower now it says on the back not to use any kind of moisturising shower gel or cream so I didn't to be honest I just rinsed it off until the water ran clear as it says,
I then still following the instructions patted myself dry it was all so easy and from start to finish took 30mins how easy was that, well it was to good to be true because it is supposed to develop then over the next few hours but mine didn't, it didn't develop at all I was the same pale milky white Irish skin color  8 hours later as I was before I started which really disappointed me, I wasn't expecting to be a golden goddess but I was at least expecting to look a little sun-kissed but only my palms looked tanned even though I had scrubbed those clean, now this tan is a gradual tan and can be built up but for it not to take at all it was so disappointing, I just wouldn't use this tan again not happy with it.


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