Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Pennys P.S. LOVE range

As most of us know penny's has released there own range of products called P.S. Love and it seems to be taking off,

But how good are they i decided to pick up a few bits and give them a go, I have been using them for the last 2 weeks,
some I  loved and found really good and others well were a disaster, so lets get started.

First up was a lip liner and lipstick, I loved both of these the lipliner in shade nude is fab lasted really well on my lips and color was amazing,
the lipstick in shade dare to bare the color was fab but didnt last as long, I have heard the matte version is better so will have to get my hands on that soon to try.

Next up was the P.S. waterproof mascara which was completely waterproof and lasted well but it did start to flake a bit,
but I had been wearing it a soild 10 hours before this happened,
but I got the day out of it for day wear.

Then i tried the P.S. brow kit you get 2 powders and 1 cream color plus a brush and tweezers I love this set its amazing and you can build up the color its lasted all day i was really impressed by this set and would recommend it to everyone.

I tried the P.S. double ended eye shadow brush one end is fluffy for blending out your eyeshadow I found it to be ok a little bit on the big side for me but thats my personal preference,
The other end is a slanted eyebrow brush, which i really liked and I used it with the eyebrow kit instead of the small brush included in the kit,
I also found it good for doing a bit of liner on the top lid for a soft day time look.

Nearly there, next I used the P.S. makeup setting spray,
which i have completely fallen in love with,
I found it brilliant I sprayed it on and it felt refreshing on my skin,
It's not really wet, drys instantly and my makeup lasted all night and didn't move an inch this is a keeper for me.

So I tried the P.S love your hair sea salt and seaweed texturising spray,
Ok this I didn't like,
as I have naturally wavy/curly hair and naturally wavy/curly hair is coarse which leads to it been frizzy,
so knowing this a put some serum in to combat the frizz as I normally do,(I put more in than usual just in case and knowing my own hair and how it can have a life of it's own)
but as soon as I put the sea salt and seaweed spray in,
my hair went unbelievable frizzy and nothing I did helped to combat it, I wouldn't recommend this for anyone with wavy/curly hair.

Last but not least was the facial cleansing brush, they bristles were soft,
cleaned and exfoliated my face really well without scratching or scraping my skin,
I really like this brush and will be keeping it in my beauty regime.

So if you have any P.S. products that you have tried and liked let me know xx.

All prices are below.
And were correct at time of publish.

Lip liner €1.50
Lipstick €1.30
Mascara €2.00
Eyebrow kit €2.50
Eyeshadow brush €1.50
Makeup fixing spray €1.50
Sea salt spray €1.50
Facial brush €1.50

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